TCEE Development Chair Marcus McCue requests that you forward this Monday to colleagues, family and friends

While thoughts of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and memories of previous holiday season occupy our hearts and minds – we all have the opportunity to give thanks and support to those organizations doing work to improve our communities.

As a member of the Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE) Board of Directors, I will be supporting the movement to continue my support of TCEE by making a donation on December 2nd. I invite you to join me in the effort by taking a moment to think about the impact your contribution can make to the future of the Texas economy by supporting financial literacy and economic education to Texas youth.  Just think of the positive changes we could create in how young people of today spend their money now and for the rest of their lives.

TCEE core programs currently provide student-focused teacher training programs in economics, personal financial literacy and entrepreneurship for kindergarten through 12th grade social studies, secondary career courses, parent/child financial literacy for the family and after school financial literacy programs.

The financial crisis and recession that began in 2008 continues to affect Texans today.  The lessons and message resulting from this crisis is clear – we have a big problem with financial literacy, behavior and discipline that will only get worse unless we take action.  TCEE is taking action by leading field of economic and financial literacy education in Texas.

  • TCEE played a key role in the writing of the math financial literacy standards that are in effect fall 2014 and begin being tested in 2015. Through writing these standards, TCEE will reach 3.5 million of Texas’ 5 million students with financial responsibility and decision making skills.
  • TCEE participated in a major Department of Treasury research project to determine what incentivizes students to open savings accounts. The results of this study are available.
  • Annually, over 22,000 Texas students participate in TCEE economic and financial literacy programs like the Economics Challenge, Finance Challenge, and Stock Market Game

TCEE core programs currently provide student-focused teacher training programs in economics, personal financial literacy and entrepreneurship for kindergarten through 12th grade social studies, secondary career courses, parent/child financial literacy for the family and after school financial literacy programs.

Please join me in supporting The Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE) by simply making an online donation at or by sending a check payable to TCEE at 1801 Allen Parkway, Houston, TX 77019. 

Marcus McCue 

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Register Now for the Foundation FOCUS Summit, Feb. 5-6, 2015

Keynote Speaker Randy White, former defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys

The Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation is hosting its annual FOCUS Summit Financial Education Conference Feb. 5-6, 2015, at the Doubletree Galleria Hotel in Dallas.

This two-day event is open to all credit union professionals, community leaders, and educators as an opportunity to network, share best practices, and learn about available resources, as well as explore proven techniques and strategies for deploying financial education into local schools and communities.
The keynote address will be delivered by Randy White, the dynamic former defensive tackle for the Dallas Cowboys.

Here are just a few highlights from the 2015 program:

  • Serve to be Great: Leadership Lessons from a Prison, A Monastery, and a Boardroom
    Matt Tenney, Social Entrepreneur, Author, Trainer, and Consultant
  • Financial Education Legislation Update
    Laura Ewing, Executive Director of Texas Council on Economic Education
  • Our country’s current state of financial capability. What’s being done on a global level? How can the Cornerstone region help with these efforts?
    Ted Beck, CEO, National Endowment for Financial Education

Download the Foundation FOCUS Summit flier and register for the event.

Friends of Consumer Freedom has already signed on as a sponsor, but other sponsorships are available. Download your quick and easy sponsorship form.

For additional information about the summit, including online registration, please visit If you have any questions, please contact the Foundation at (800) 953-8283.

How You Can Support TCEE’s Work

Support the Texas Council on Economic Education’s endeavors to train educators, provide student programs and enhance the economy of Texas through economic and financial literacy education by donating to keep these programs alive and to expand them across the state.

Consider this comment from a teacher who recently attended one of our teacher workshops: 

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop yesterday!  Very rarely in my long career have I left a seminar with an entire set of materials that would ALL be useful to my students.  Thank you and the TCEE for championing this very important cause and doing something so productive with it.” 

> Donate to TCEE through Amazon Smile program: Go to – ​Another charity may be listed as the charity but you have the option to select another charity – type in Texas and select TCEE, then a small portion of your purchase price will be donated to TCEE.

>Support TCEE by shopping when buying groceries through Kroger’s Community Rewards Program

>Randalls & Tom Thumb customers can support TCEE through their Good Neighbor Program. Please use Good Neighbor Number: 13376 when you register. 

> To make a donation by check or credit card, click here

Stock Market Game™ Meets TEKS in Economics, Social Studies, Career, Math & Language Arts

The Stock Market Game™ is a project-based learning activity that integrates economics, contextual learning and problem solving with real-world saving and investing situations.

In mathematics, Stock Market Game™ students calculate ratios, perform operations with decimals, and identify proportional relationships. In English Language Arts, they interpret complex texts and data, engage in research and write explanatory texts and arguments.

See the student performance data

Attention Houston, San Antonio and South Texas Schools

You are invited to participate in the Stock Market Game free of charge thanks to a generous contribution from FINRA, the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Go to or contact 1-888-764-8233 for more information.

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We’ve just returned from our 53rd Annual Financial Literacy and Economic Education Conference in Dallas, attended by over 500 economic and financial literacy educators, including over 250 K-12 teachers, and CEE’s affiliate network, and by all accounts it was a great success.  One of our teachers from Maryland put it best: “I am rarely in a place where teachers and our profession are given so much respect.”  We honor the work that our K-12 teachers do every day to promote financial literacy, and it is a privilege to host such dedicated individuals.

Some highlights:

We thank all of our generous sponsors- nationally and locally – for making this event possible.

Learning List Gives High Marks to TCEE Financial Literacy Materials

Schools and districts have many more instructional materials choices than ever before and a limited amount of funding. As a result, educators have to become more discerning consumers of instructional materials. Learning List is a new resource to help districts and schools make better informed selection decisions. Think of Learning List as a combination of Consumer Reports® and Angie’s List™ for K-12 instructional materials.

Learning List has reviewed our financial literacy materials. They validated our correlation to the Financial Literacy TEKS, providing a detailed alignment report for each grade level. Learning List also developed a professional assessment of the content and design of our materials.

Districts invest hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in instructional materials annually. Reading high-quality, independent reviews of the available products before you buy makes good financial sense.



 TCEE President Addresses the Dallas Morning Bankers Association

Laura Ewing, President of TCEE, spoke on August 7, 2014, to the Dallas Morning Bankers Association about Building the  Perfect Homebuyer.  Ewing explained that the Texas educational legislation, State Board of Education guidelines, and Texas Education Agency’s standards (TEKS) are leaders in the U. S. for financial and economic education.

She discussed the value of these two fields of study to begin at a young age and proceed through high school to develop better spending, saving and donating habits.  The future of the Texas economy depends on a well educated population in spending and savings and electorate in determining elected officials who will make sound economic decisions for the state and the U. S. For more information and statistics about Texas, please see the PowerPoint.


Plano’s Connie Cai Wins National Distinction in InvestWrite Competition

2 other students from Texas place in competition

3rd Place National winner

Link to article

TCEE 2014 Smarter Texas Conference Photos

The Texas Council the Conference thanks the partners and presenters who made the conference a success.  TCEE appreciates the educators who attended because you are making a difference in the lives of students.


 TCEE in the News

What People Are Saying about TCEE

“Thank you so much for sharing [the grades 3 & 4 PFL lessons]! Our teachers said the workshop was amazing!”  - A local curriculum supervisor

“For me, the competition was an opportunity to put the training we had done as a team and individually to the final test. Additionally, it was a way to learn more about the world of finance and economics and meet prominent individuals in those fields. I felt as prepared as I reasonably could have been – though I could have always done one more practice test and tried to memorize another set of statistics or current events, I felt that I knew all of the economics concepts that would come up and that I’d be well prepared for whatever current events they’d ask about. The best part about the trip was the opportunity to meet people with experience in the world of finance and economics – not many 17 year olds get the opportunity to talk to people in private equity and quantitative analysts about the economy over dinner.” – A member of the Bellaire High School National Championship Economic Challenge Team

“I would advise other teachers to remember to have fun with the competition. It is so amazing to see how much fun kids have with Economics and how they are learning skills that will make them successful in life.  It is great to win, but is even better to see all the kids that end up majoring in Economics or related fields because of the passion this competition instills in them.” – Michael Clark, Teacher of Bellaire High School National Champion Team

Houston and New York City High Schools Take Home Top Honors in Annual National Economics Challenge

Ring The Closing Bell® on New York Stock Exchange

NEW YORK, NY MAY 19, 2014 – The Council for Economic Education is excited to announce the winners of the 14th Annual National Economics ChallengeSM, a rigorous academic competition putting students’ economic skills and knowledge to the ultimate test. Bellaire High School from Houston, Texas took home the top prize for the Adam Smith Division, (for advanced placement, international baccalaureate and honors students) and Hunter College High School from New York City was named the winner of the David Ricardo Division (for students who have only taken a single-semester economics course) in the two-day competition, hosted by the Council for Economic Education and sponsored by State Farm. 


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Congressman Hinojosa Visits Edinburg SMG Participants

Hinojosa Edinburg HS S2014The SIFMA Foundation’s 11th annual Stock Market Game™ Capitol Hill Challenge (CHC) is drawing to a close.. This 14-week challenge organizes teams of middle and high school students by Congressional district and state and teaches the importance of savings and investing, while simultaneously promoting a better understanding of our government. Texas teams were matched with every US Representative and senator in the state.

Congressman Ruben Hinojosa, who is paired with Edinburg High School, visited the school to watch first-hand as the student’s invest a hypothetical $100,000 in listed stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and learn the value of saving and investing as they work together to maximize the return of their portfolio.​ Also in attendance was Dr. Alberto Davila, the director of the Center for Economic Education at University of Texas PanAm.


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