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Leaders Discuss Why They Support TCEE

“If we’ve learned anything from the recent recession, it’s the importance of developing good personal financial habits and having at least a basic understanding of our economy.  In the past, most children weren’t exposed to economics until they were confronted with important financial decisions as young adults.

Thankfully, lessons in fiscal responsibility and good financial habits are now a mandatory part of our public school curriculum in Texas.  However, unlike more traditional subjects like math, history and social studies, economics is a subject that very few educators are trained to teach.

That’s why TCEE is so important: we train teachers how to teach economics and we provide them with the tools and lesson plans they need.  By teaching teachers how to teach, TCEE improves the economic literacy of millions of children every year across our state, helping them to become better informed and more responsible citizens.  The importance of this mission is why I support TCEE.”

John Ivie
Chairman of the Board of Directors for TCEE, 2015-2016
Litigation Partner with Colven, Tran & Meredith, P.C.


“As an executive of a Texas-based mortgage company, I see the impact economic education, and the lack thereof, can have on the financial future of individuals and families daily. Poor financial choices and mismanagement of cash impact have devastating effects on not only prospective and existing homeowners, but the banking and mortgage institutions who provide the financing that Texans utilize to meet their short term needs and long term financial goals.

TCEE provides hands-on lessons and programs to ensure the youth of Texas have the knowledge and skills to make sound, informed economic decisions. Through their efforts, future generations of Texas homebuyers and borrowers will be better prepared to take on the responsibilities of debt and debt management, creating a stronger Texas economy and more stable local financial institutions.”

Marcus McCue
Executive Vice President
Chief Business Development Officer
NMLS #280682


“Our school children simply must have better financial literacy.  And the TCEE does an incredible job of providing instruction to our kids’ teachers to better educate our kids for their future.  Without the TCEE, all of our children suffer.”

Rob Pivnick, General Counsel, Leon Capital Group.
Emory University
SMU, J.D., M.B.A.


"Everyday college students struggle to stretch their dollars to pay not only living expenses, but tuition to go to school.  Many of our students in East Texas do not learn valuable life skills such as how to budget or balance a check book at home.  College students are looking to rent apartments, sign contracts and buy vehicles which require knowledge and skills taught by high school teachers that use the lessons provided by the Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE).

The training provided for teachers by TCEE and the resources from grants is invaluable. Students want to be financially literate and be successful. I am not a financier, but with my background in career and industry and education, I see the importance and connections our students need to make wise decisions in life.

I support the mission of the TCEE because all students deserve to understand how to develop their skills and use the tools available to them through our systems and institutions."

Nancy Shepherd, Ph.D., CFCS
Center Director Stephen F. Austin State University


Every time we inspire and educate a teacher to infuse the economic way of thinking into Texas classrooms, we reach every student that teacher reaches now and into the future. Knowledgeable teachers, equipped with engaging curriculum, lead to effective learning.

Effective learning in economics and personal finance leads to better decision making in school and in life.  Education is the ultimate economic multiplier!

Susan Doty
Director of the Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy at The University of Texas at Tyler and TCEE Board Member

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Texas and U.S. Problems:

In 2015:

  • 54% of Texans broke even or spent more than their annual income
  • 33% of Texans used a form of non-bank borrowing
  • 49% of Texans have an emergency fund
  • 27% of Texans have a fundamental level of financial knowledge
  • $1.2 trillion is the national student college loan debt
  • 60% of Texas students are on the Free and Reduced Lunch Program



TCEE Provides Solutions:

  • Educate Teachers
  • Empower Students
  • Build Financial Capability & Capacity
  • Construct a Stronger Texas

TCEE is one of the few organizations that provides the financial literacy and economic education teacher training and student programs that support the Texas standards.

Study after study shows that many Americans continue to lack even a basic understanding of economic and financial concepts, and the  consequences on American’s financial state are dire.

Students CAN learn economics and financial concepts if their teachers know economics and how to teach it.  (Council for Economic Education

A 2015 FINRA study determined that students exposed to economic and financial education are more likely to display positive financial behaviors. Texas, having mandated that students are to take economics and financial literacy, has seen the severe delinquency rates for those students receiving the education  declined by … 6%, and credit scores increased by 5%. (FINRA Study)

The Texas Council on Economic Education

Solutions Support the Following CRA Guidelines

§.12(i)—3: What are examples of community development services?

Establishing school savings programs or developing or teaching financial education or literacy curricula for LMI individuals.

 §.12(g)(2)—1: Community development includes community services targeted to low-or moderate-income individuals. What are examples of ways that an institution could determine that community services are offered to low- or moderate-income individuals?

 A1. Examples of ways in which an institution could determine that community services are targeted to low or moderate-income persons include, but are not limited to:

  • The community service is targeted to the clients of a nonprofit organization that has a defined mission of serving low- and moderate-income persons, or because of government grants, for example, is limited to offering services only to low- or moderate-income persons.
  • The community service is conducted in low- or moderate-income areas and targeted to the residents of the area.
  • The community service is a clearly defined program that benefits primarily low- or moderate-income persons, even if it is provided by an entity that offers other programs that serve individuals of all income levels.

 The community service is provided to students or their families from a school at which the majority of students qualify for free or reduced-lunch price meals under the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National School Lunch Program.

TCEE Mission

To help all students develop an economic way of thinking and problem solving useful in their lives as knowledgeable consumers, prudent savers, informed investors, workforce members, responsible citizens, and global economy participants.


TCEE Vision

The U.S. as a nation of citizens  who have  the knowledge and skills to make sound, informed economic decisions.


The Texas Council on Economic Education

  • teaches teachers
  • who teach students
  • who are the future of TEXAS.

John Anderson, TCEE Board Member


Apply for the Economics Education Teacher Study Tour to Peru in June 2017

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The Global Economic Education Alliance (GEEA) is conducting another Economics Education Teacher Study Tour to Peru in June 2017.  Ten secondary-level school teachers from throughout the United States will be selected to participate in the tour.  Our host in Peru has put together another amazing program for our teachers.  Our past two Study Tours to Peru in 2015 and 2016 went exceptionally well with 18 teachers from 9 different states participating.  All of the teachers thoroughly enjoyed the experience and continue to communicate with one another. Peru Study Application

K-12 Workshop Financial Foundations for Educators

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Teachers As Adult Learners Personal Financial Literacy Presented by Fidelity Investments and the Texas Council on Economic Education Audience:  K-12 grade teachers responsible for teaching personal financial literacy through Economics, CTE, Social Studies, and math courses. The training will also provide support for those teaching the new CTE financial mathematics and social studies PFL courses. Trainers: Fidelity Investment experts, Texas Council on Economic Education Center Directors: Steve Cobb, Ph.D. and Susan Doty, MBA Location: Fidelity Investments Two Destiny Way Westlake, TX 76262 Time: 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM Date: January 26, 2017  (Bad weather make up day – 2/09/17) Credits Available:…

The Stock Market Game – Fall 2016

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