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CEE National Conference

What if you could enjoy a day of staff development without running yourself ragged making sure all of the pieces are in the right place?

Well….the Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE) and the Council for Economic Education (CEE) have just the solution: a national conference on economics, financial literacy and entrepreneurship in DALLAS October 9, 10, 11. This year’s registration for teachers is only $150.

While there will be sessions geared towards the Texas TEKS, teachers and supervisors will also find the myriad of materials and content information from around the nation very supportive, as well.

The Texas specific sessions will address the subjects below.

1. K to 8 math teachers will learn how to teach the new personal financial literacy TEKS from the people who played a key role in writing the state’s standards. Teachers will learn how to access key lessons tied to the new standards.
2. Economics teachers will receive key lessons that support economics, financial literacy and paying for college.
3. K to 12 social studies teachers will learn how to teach the economics strand.
4. Career teachers will receive lessons that support entrepreneurship, economics and financial literacy.
5. High school math teachers will learn how to teach key financial literacy concepts.

Please consider encouraging your district to provide a staff development day on October 10, 2014.

The affordable registration fee will cover many of the meals and all of the sessions at the two day educator conference. Plan now for your teachers to attend a Texas size national conference in October 2014!

Conference Flyer

 Conference Registration

Getting Around

Rail transport information for the CEE conference.  DART does offer transportation from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport.


TCEE President Addresses the Dallas Morning Bankers Association

Laura Ewing, President of TCEE, spoke on August 7, 2014, to the Dallas Morning Bankers Association about Building the  Perfect Homebuyer.  Ewing explained that the Texas educational legislation, State Board of Education guidelines, and Texas Education Agency’s standards (TEKS) are leaders in the U. S. for financial and economic education.

She discussed the value of these two fields of study to begin at a young age and proceed through high school to develop better spending, saving and donating habits.  The future of the Texas economy depends on a well educated population in spending and savings and electorate in determining elected officials who will make sound economic decisions for the state and the U. S. For more information and statistics about Texas, please see the PowerPoint.


Plano’s Connie Cai Wins National Distinction in InvestWrite Competition

2 other students from Texas place in competition

3rd Place National winner

Link to article

TCEE 2014 Smarter Texas Conference Photos

The Texas Council the Conference thanks the partners and presenters who made the conference a success.  TCEE appreciates the educators who attended because you are making a difference in the lives of students.


 TCEE in the News

What People Are Saying about TCEE

“Thank you so much for sharing [the grades 3 & 4 PFL lessons]! Our teachers said the workshop was amazing!”  - A local curriculum supervisor

“For me, the competition was an opportunity to put the training we had done as a team and individually to the final test. Additionally, it was a way to learn more about the world of finance and economics and meet prominent individuals in those fields. I felt as prepared as I reasonably could have been – though I could have always done one more practice test and tried to memorize another set of statistics or current events, I felt that I knew all of the economics concepts that would come up and that I’d be well prepared for whatever current events they’d ask about. The best part about the trip was the opportunity to meet people with experience in the world of finance and economics – not many 17 year olds get the opportunity to talk to people in private equity and quantitative analysts about the economy over dinner.” – A member of the Bellaire High School National Championship Economic Challenge Team

“I would advise other teachers to remember to have fun with the competition. It is so amazing to see how much fun kids have with Economics and how they are learning skills that will make them successful in life.  It is great to win, but is even better to see all the kids that end up majoring in Economics or related fields because of the passion this competition instills in them.” – Michael Clark, Teacher of Bellaire High School National Champion Team

Houston and New York City High Schools Take Home Top Honors in Annual National Economics Challenge

Ring The Closing Bell® on New York Stock Exchange

NEW YORK, NY MAY 19, 2014 – The Council for Economic Education is excited to announce the winners of the 14th Annual National Economics ChallengeSM, a rigorous academic competition putting students’ economic skills and knowledge to the ultimate test. Bellaire High School from Houston, Texas took home the top prize for the Adam Smith Division, (for advanced placement, international baccalaureate and honors students) and Hunter College High School from New York City was named the winner of the David Ricardo Division (for students who have only taken a single-semester economics course) in the two-day competition, hosted by the Council for Economic Education and sponsored by State Farm. 


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Congressman Hinojosa Visits Edinburg SMG Participants

Hinojosa Edinburg HS S2014The SIFMA Foundation’s 11th annual Stock Market Game™ Capitol Hill Challenge (CHC) is drawing to a close.. This 14-week challenge organizes teams of middle and high school students by Congressional district and state and teaches the importance of savings and investing, while simultaneously promoting a better understanding of our government. Texas teams were matched with every US Representative and senator in the state.

Congressman Ruben Hinojosa, who is paired with Edinburg High School, visited the school to watch first-hand as the student’s invest a hypothetical $100,000 in listed stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and learn the value of saving and investing as they work together to maximize the return of their portfolio.​ Also in attendance was Dr. Alberto Davila, the director of the Center for Economic Education at University of Texas PanAm.


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