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Bellaire HS Economics Challenge Team In National Play-Offs May 20-22, 2016

Michael Clark, Bellaire HS (Houston ISD), is leading students to the national Economics Challenge for the 10th time May 20 to 22, 2016.  The students are competing in the Adam Smith division of the Econ Challenge which is the division for students in advanced classes. The students began the competition on their home campuses.  Each team has four students, and they take tests on micro, macro and international economics online.  The students test individually and then their top three scores are averaged to provide the team score. The Bellaire team placed first in the Texas Econ Challenge and then competed in a regional competition.  The Bellaire team placed in the top four regionally so that they will now compete in NYC. Clark is not new to the national competion.  His students have placed in the national championship now 10 times.  After winning the national Adam Smith Econ Challenge in 2014, he decided to not compete in this division in 2015. Although his students had won first in Texas for the Finance Challenge for many years, the Bellaire team won first place nationally for the first time in 2015.   TCEE is Texas proud of Bellaire’s winning team and winning teacher!!!

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2016 Houston Money Week Art Contest Winners

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CSISD’s Shray Jain, InvestWrite State Winner Visits with Rep. Bill Flores

TCEE President Laura Ewing with Shray Jain and Rep. Bill Flores

TCEE President Laura Ewing with Shray Jain and Rep. Bill Flores

Displaying OakwoodGroupFlores.jpgDisplaying OakwoodGroupFlores.jpgDisplaying OakwoodGroupFlores.jpgSee the College Station ISD Video Feature


Congressperson Bill Flores visited with the students at College Station ISD who represented him in the Capitol​ Hill Challenge.

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Local 6th graders get money advice from Congressman Bill Flores

Stocks, bonds and mutual funds – some middle schoolers in College Station were all ears Monday morning as Congressman Bill Flores stopped by to give them some money advice.

They’re currently in a competition, and that advice will come in handy.

There are 3,000 classrooms across the country taking part in this year’s Capitol Hill Challenge, including one at Oakwood Intermediate in College Station. It’s a stock market game, which is aimed at teaching kids what they need to know about managing money and investing wisely. Representative Flores is actually sponsoring the group from Oakwood.

Link to the complete story and video at KTBX

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Media Highlights Opportunity Texas’ College Savings & Financial Education Work in Texas

TCEE’s Partner Opportunity Texas has received some well deserved media attention for its financial education programs in Texas 

From NPR

Dallas Kindergarteners Get An Early Start On Money Management


From the Austin American Statesman

Rosen: College savings programs put kids on the path to higher ed

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Region 7: Smarter Texans Save Poster Contest


The Center for Economic Education and Financial Literacy at The University of Texas at Tyler (CEEFL) and Region 7 ESC will sponsor an art contest for Region 7 area schools. The contest will be to celebrate Financial Literacy Month (April) and to encourage students to use art to display the “economic way of thinking” about money concepts.

The deadline for delivering the artwork is April 29, 2016 at 3:30 pm.

Student winners will be announced at the Celebration of Financial Literacy teacher workshop on May 19, 2016 (Session #055054).

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PlainsCapital Bank Renews $25,000 TCEE Grant Supporting Financial Literacy in Schools

DALLAS, Texas (Mar. 10, 2016) – Dallas-based PlainsCapital Bank has renewed a $25,000 grant to the Texas Council on Economic Education (TCEE) to support a financial literacy program for Texas middle school students. The grant ensures that the program, developed by TCEE in 2012 and funded by PlainsCapital, will continue to be available to teachers and schools throughout the state. The program covers topics such as saving, budgeting, credit and financial responsibility.

plainscapitalbank“Kids need to learn important money lessons early,” said Pete Villarreal, chief administrative officer for PlainsCapital Bank. “This program helps teach practical life skills – how to open a bank account and balance a checkbook, how to save money to reach goals, how credit cards work, and if you borrow money, how much you need to earn to pay it back. Exposure is key. The earlier we can instill good financial habits in kids, the better the outcome.”

Villarreal said PlainsCapital Bank’s commitment to improving financial literacy in Texas was the driver in partnering with TCEE four years ago to develop a program for seventh- and eighth-grade students that incorporated financial literacy education with math and social studies curriculums.

“We’re building a foundation here,” said Laura Ewing, president and CEO of TCEE. “Students need to learn the principles of personal finance well before high school, and they need to be armed with a basic understanding of money management before being sent out into the world to earn a living. These classes make a difference.” (more…)

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