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TCEE is a Texas Jump$tart Coalition Board Member

The Texas Jump$tart Coalition is a nonprofit organization that connects diverse financial education champions together to prepare Texas youth for lifelong financial success.

The coalition works to:

  • Raise public awareness of personal financial education for Texas youth;
  • Promote financial literacy efforts in Texas;
  • Serve as a resource in Texas for legislators, educators and other parties interested in financial literacy; and
  • Ensure Texas youth are equipped to make informed personal financial decisions.

The Texas Jump$tart Coalition also is an affiliate of the National Jump$tart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy.


The Texas Jump$tart Coalition is in a rebuilding year—working with a strong group of volunteer officers and board members. (Pictured below.)

2016 initiatives for the Texas Jump$tart Coalition include:

  • Network with other Jump$tart Coalitions to identify best practices.
  • Create a new, active, and current Texas Jump$tart website.
  • Build communication across existing Texas partners.
  • Support the Jump$tart National Educators Conference Nov, 5-7 in Dallas.
  • Recruit more state partners to further build the coalition.


  • Sponsors for teachers scholarships to attend the Jump$tart National Educators conference in November.
  • Public, private, corporate or personal companies as sponsors or partners for Texas Jump$tart.


Kellie Haayer, President
Texas Jump$tart Coalition