Stock Market Game

Stock Market Game

The Stock Market Game is an engaging educational program used in classrooms nationwide to teach economics, math, social studies, business, language arts and technology while focusing on the importance of developing real world personal finance skills. Teams of students in grades 4-12 use the SMG simulation to learn the basics of investing as they create and manage an online portfolio over 10 weeks. The SMG is more than a game…it is an education for life.

We are pleased to announce TCEE will be able to once again provide the 2019-20 Year-Long and 2019 Fall Game at NO FINANCIAL COST!

Game Sessions:

Registration is on-going throughout the year

Year-Long Game 2018-19: 10/15/2019 – 04/10/2020

Fall Game 2018: 09/30/2019 – 12/06/2019

Spring Game 2019: 02/03/2020 – 04/10/2020

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For additional questions contact your local Stock Market Game Coordinator, Adam Montgomery at or (210) 818-1119.

*Top teams are only eligible for prizes within the “competitive” sessions

Webinar Topics and Schedule for Fall 2019

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1. SMG Basics (1hr) –

Getting Started, Teacher Support Center, & student portfolios

2. Invest It Forward (1hr) –

Learn how industry professionals can assist in enhancing participation in the SMG program

3. InvestWrite (1hr) –

Learn how to utilize InvestWrite, our national and state-wide essay competition as a great culminating activity for the SMG program

4. Basic Company Research (30 min) –

Using Yahoo and Nasdaq, basic terminology and company headlines will be reviewed

5. Winning with Diversification (1hr) –

Strategies for building a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, ETF’s and mutual funds.

6. Let’s Trade Today! (30 min) –

A quick overview of the SMG portfolio and how to get Stock Market Game students trading in their portfolio.

7. Trading Mutual Funds (30 min) –

Researching and trading mutual funds in the SMG program

8. Trading ETF’s (30 min) –

Comparing and contrasting ETFs and mutual funds

9. Weekly Portfolio Analysis (30 min) –

Team analysis of major indexes and portfolio holdings

10. PRE-CHC (1hr) –

An overview of the national Capitol Hill Challenge

Register for the above Webinars here.

For in-person workshops, contact Susan Doty or Steve Cobb.