TCEE Promotes A Smarter Texas Through K-12 Financial Literacy

Can an education in the principles of financial literacy bring about a Smarter Texas? The Texas Council on Economic Education, Opportunity Texas and the national Council for Economic Education certainly think so.

TCEE has long supported the teaching of economics and financial literacy in the social studies, career/technical, language arts, science and math classes from kindergarten through grade 12. TCEE offers staff development opportunities and hands-on student activities through the Stock Market Game™, the Economics Challenge, and now the Personal Financial Literacy (PFL) Challenge.

While TCEE supports the teaching of economic and financial literacy principles at the high school level, students have already established spending practices that may not be healthy to their pocket books and will be difficult to correct and change as adults. The causes of and slow recovery from the recent recession indicate that our students need to spend smarter if they are going to reduce their dependency on credit to spend beyond their means.

An important goal of Smarter Texas is to encourage healthier spending so that students can save for college or technical school and to have the financial resources needed for important and/or emergency purchases. Smarter spending means smarter saving for smarter financial health now and in the future.

Smarter Texas means introducing financial literacy concepts and skills at the elementary level, reinforcing and increasing understanding and practice in middle school, and enhancing knowledge and skills in high school. Smarter Texas launches a healthier financial tomorrow for Texas and the U. S. one teacher, student, classroom and school at a time.

After viewing news reports on the Smart Tennessee program, Opportunity Texas and TCEE decided to team up to provide a pilot program to encourage the teaching of financial literacy from elementary through senior year in high school. Utilizing grants and materials provided by the Council for Economic Education, TCEE and Opportunity Texas are piloting the strategic and spiraled financial literacy program during 2011. The goal is to help students build their financial assets rather than indebtedness. Schools and districts interested in participating simply need to contact TCEE at or 713.655.1650.